Release 3 is out of the oven

After about 2 months worth of work, much testing and much contribution from over 30 different community members, we’re happy to release the 3rd release of PHPARI. I would like to take this time to thank several individuals, who assisted much in the development of Release-3 – either by contributing code, reporting bugs and also working with us to have a better understanding of ARI internals:


New version is up

I’m excited – well, I should actually say, thrilled to be more exact. We have a new version of PHPARI up on github, on the Master branch.
The new version enables better error handling, better events handling, ability to assign events triggering for Stasis events directly from the class, no need to work with React directly – in other words, I think PHPARI is now ready for some more testing and verification.

We’ve been made aware to a race condition that happens with phpws (by: stgnet), who had already contacted the author of phpws – with a patch and resolution, we hope that will make its way into the phpws code soon.

We’ve added new documentation to the code, so get updated – I’m waiting to hear from you all.

Welcome to PHPARI

Ok, we are totally psyched over here at Greenfield Technologies, this is our first Open Source project that we are publishing – and we are fairly proud of it.

We are long time PHP enthusiasts, actually, we love PHP so much – that is literally dominates our Web Development part of the business. No, we don’t do Drupal and Joomla, no way. We use PHP to build highly robust Asterisk application. PHPARI is our attempt at creating a proper PHP framework, for developing ARI/Stasis applications with PHP.

Stay tuned and get updated, we will add more information as we progress.