Release 3 is in the oven

We are hard at work here, working on release number 3 of PHPARI. Let’s put it this way, when we initially implemented PHPARI, it was done really rapidly – as we wanted to launch it during Astricon 2014. Since then, we’ve received multiple contributions from people, specifically code segments that illustrated that we’ve “Over restricted” the access to the Asterisk ARI interface.

Release 3 will fix these issues and will follow the Asterisk ARI API specification as described. If you are willing to assist, please check out release-3 branch from GitHub, and send us feedback. You can find it here:

We’ve already sent out about 50 PHPARI stickers around the world, and we have plenty more. If you want any, just send us a message and an envelope with 10 stickers will be on its way to you.

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